Eat, Drink and Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events

Eat, Drink and Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events

by Laura Schwartz
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There's something to be said for being in the right place at the right time, but if you don’t capitalize on the moment, all you’ve got is a missed opportunity. Laura Schwartz understands the power of seizing the moment better than anyone. As a 19-year-old college student, she turned a volunteer position in the White House into the opportunity of a lifetime. Using her persuasive and engaging social skills, she went from answering phones to serving as President Bill Clinton s Midwest Press Secretary, Director of Television and, ultimately, Director of Events, where she oversaw 12 state dinners, America s Millennium Celebration and countless other high-profile events. Laura learned plenty while producing the President s events on the world stage, but one lesson stuck with her: No matter how social an event appears, it s business. She watched huge deals unfold over cocktails at state dinners, but she also watched many White House guests squander chances to turn these seemingly social events into life-changing opportunities.

When the Clinton Administration ended, Laura began to realize this lesson extended far beyond the Rose Garden. Whether it s a cocktail party, a Little League game or a casual conversation on the treadmill at the gym, there are powerful possibilities lurking in social situations everywhere we turn.

Through her acclaimed keynote series by the same name, “Eat, Drink & Succeed!”, Laura has brought her unique perspective on everyday situations to audiences around the world. Now, with her book Eat, Drink & Succeed: Climb Your Way to the Top Using the Networking Power of Social Events, her message is readily accessible to the masses. In Eat, Drink & Succeed, Laura shares how she used the power of her own social scenes in every phase of her life: from her days growing up in Plymouth, Wis., to her time at the White House and in her ongoing role as a television commentator for various outlets including CNN, the CBS Early Show, BBC, Fox News Channel and Sir David Frost s Frost Over the World. In a simple, straightforward style, the book shows readers how to apply those skills to their own lives.

In Eat, Drink & Succeed, Laura explains how to:

*Identify your social scenes 
*Harness the power of the guest 
*Get invited to the right events 
*Arrive at the event armed with research, knowledge, business cards and everything you need to achieve your goal 
*Make the right impression 
*Achieve your goals not by asking what people can do for you, but what you can do for others 
*Follow up after the event

*And much, much more

Eat, Drink & Succeed is a Black Ox Press publication.

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