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Hint: BulkBooks Wins
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Amazon is a wonderful company for ordering books online — if you’re a regular consumer.

But what about ordering books for your business? For your event? For your school?

When it comes to ordering in bulk, is Amazon still the best choice?

Here’s a simple break-down comparison of vs. to help you decide:



According to Amazon’s website, “We don't offer additional discounts on large orders of a single item or on large orders of many individual items. The discounts listed on our website apply to all customers--individual, educational, institutional, and business alike.”

If you have an Amazon Business account, you may be able to get bulk pricing on other goods, but that won’t help you get a better deal on your books.

Bulk Books on the other hand offers the most competitive discounts you’ll find on bulk orders. The more you purchase, the larger your savings.

Bulk Books even offers a Price Match Guarantee, so you don’t need to waste any time shopping around for a better deal.

Price Winner: Bulk Books



Believe it or not, Amazon and its sellers actually put limits on how many books you can purchase at one time — and there is no underlying, consistent system to it.

As stated on their Help page, “In order to provide all customers with a great selection and great prices we reserve the right to limit the quantities of certain items.”

Need to order 100 books? You can’t count on Amazon.

Bulk Books, however, has no quantity limits. Whether you order 25 or 1,000 copies, you’ll never encounter any speed bumps here — only more savings.

Quantity Winner: Bulk Books



Amazon is famous for its free delivery with Amazon Prime. Does that mean that your bulk order deliveries will be a piece of cake? Not necessarily.

When delivering large quantities, Amazon may actually split your delivery. Your books could arrive at completely different times. If you’re trying to pull off an event or are running on a deadline, this can be a logistical nightmare.

How does Bulk Books compare? Your delivery always comes in one shipment — and yes, ground shipping is free.

Delivery Winner: Bulk Books

 Event Coordination


When it comes to bulk ordering, “fast delivery” isn’t always enough.

Let’s say you’re ordering books for a big event coming up in 2 months. If you get your books delivered in a couple days, that may be fast...but it will be very inconvenient. Finding a place to store and protect those books is now your responsibility.

Bulk Books offers a “Need By Date” option at checkout. That means you can get your books delivered all at once, on the day that is most convenient for preparing your event.

Amazon, however, does not offer this option at all. (To learn more about our event coordination process, check out a case study with best selling author Jon Acuff)

Event Coordination Winner: Bulk Books

 Customer Service


Have you ever tried to get on the phone with an Amazon support person? It’s not exactly an easy thing to do.

Why is Amazon’s customer support lacking, especially when it comes to bulk book sales? The answer is simple: Amazon does not prioritize these types of transactions.

Bulk Books is a different story, as you’d expect.

Before you even place an order, real humans are standing by to answer your questions in real-time over the website’s chat feature.

And after you place your order, the Bulk Books concierge service is ready and available to answer your questions and quickly facilitate any solutions to problems that may occur.

Customer Service Winner: Bulk Books

 In Conclusion


The facts are in — if you need to order your books in bulk for any occasion, Bulk Books stands above Amazon.

In review, Bulk Books outserves Amazon by…

• Offering the lowest prices
• Providing unlimited quantities
• Delivering in one single shipment
• Coordinating delivery to your specific event’s needs
• Providing complimentary concierge-style customer service

Need to place an order? What’s stopping you!
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