Reading Trends in 2022: Our Top Predictions

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It is another fascinating time for worldwide readers, and we’ve got predictions for the top reading trends in 2022. Our forecast cuts across the top book genres, themes, and approaches to reading in the next year. (And of course, if you need to buy books in bulk, we can get you up to 60% off!)

The reading industry is doing great in terms of global book stats. It seems the effects of lockdown and staying at home pushed people to start reading and left a permanent mark on them. As the world slowly continues to return to normal, most people are hooked on reading.

Here is our prediction on the reading trends to look out for next year.

Trending Book Genres

Various genres have persisted in the hands of readers since the start of the pandemic. We see some of them are still on the top for next year. They are:


The genre has one of the most faithful readerships. The top subgenres here include young adult, inspirational romance, historical romance, and contemporary romance. (Buy Romance books in bulk up to 60% off)


This genre churns out bestsellers, series, and standalone books. Most mystery fiction novels are a great deal, and many get adapted into Netflix series and films, graphic novels and comic books. (Buy Mystery books in bulk at wholesale prices now)

Fantasy and Science Fiction

These two genres seem to be distant but are still closely related. They continue to have a broad market base or people looking for speculative fiction. (Buy Fantasy & Science Fiction books in bulk at wholesale prices now)

Young Adult

Young adults have the biggest market, as young people now know the value of reading as a pastime and an escape from reality. It is still popular among young adults going into 2022. The top genres here include sci-fi, fantasy, and romance. (Buy Young Adult books in bulk up to 60% off now)

Trending Book Themes

Some of the themes we see leading are...


The Covid-19 pandemic will continue influencing writers for a long time. Fiction and non-fiction books take a lot of elements from their disruption and touch upon topics such as natural disasters, panic, isolation, and sociopolitical upheaval. (Buy Pandemic books in bulk)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robots and artificial intelligence make the most of the current technological state. Readers still want to read more information about AI takeover and the advancement of robotics. (Order Artificial Intelligence books in bulk now)


Female writers are still taking the book world by storm, and this will continue in 2022. Trending books feature women with more independence and strength than ever before. (Buy Woman Empowerment books in bulk at wholesale prices now)

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