The Glory of God

The Glory of God

by Guillermo Maldonado
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You Were Made for Glory

Many believers ask, "Does God speak to us today?" "Is Jesus just a historical figure, or is He really the living Christ?" "Can the Lord still do the same miracles the Bible talks about?"
God has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His glory is not just a theoretical concept--it is a heavenly reality that every believer can experience now. "Religion" can never produce a supernatural experience with God because it is void of the glory and life of the Lord.

You can move beyond practicing religion to having an encounter with your heavenly Father--the Father of glory.

With The Glory of God Bible study, you will learn to combine your scriptural knowledge with revelation and allow God to manifest His glory through you. Each lesson will help you to move from foundational biblical doctrine to an exciting, purposeful life in which you experience the God of the Bible--the God of glory--every day as you become a carrier of His transforming, healing presence to the world.

This course is designed as a stand-alone Bible study. It may be completed independently by individual students or be used in a group setting, such as a Bible study, a Sunday school class, a course on the foundations of the Christian faith, or a prayer group.

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