The Forgotten Baptism: Your Leadership Path to Fulfilling Your Vision

The Forgotten Baptism: Your Leadership Path to Fulfilling Your Vision

by Kenneth C Ulmer and James O. Davis
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Water Baptism, Spirit-Baptism or Something More?

Did you know there is another, more ancient baptism that God has for you?  It’s a baptism of vision and provision, of alignment and allegiance, it’s a baptism of blessing.

This forgotten baptism is referred to as the Baptism of Moses.  The Baptism of Moses was not just a foreshadowing of the Baptism that Christ commanded.  The Baptism of Moses is clearly taught both in the Old and New Testaments. It is a baptism into God’s provision and abundance.  Today, this life-changing baptism is forgotten in the Church. Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer and Dr. James O. Davis believe it is the “missing link” between coming out from the plagued past to possessing all of the promises Christ has for His servants. 

In The Forgotten Baptism, you will come to understand a deeper measure of God’s call on your life and how to mobilize your fellow-servants into a greater, God-vision than you have ever imagined. This forgotten baptism is a baptism into servanthood and leadership - a servanthood that leads to greater vision, alignment and intimacy with God. 

It’s time to come out of your wanderings in the wilderness, to possessing your possessions! It is time to embark on your greatest God-given journey yet and to embrace this powerful, ancient baptism that will motivate you going forward and to mobilize all those whom Christ has placed around you!

From the beginning of time, visionary leaders have made their definable mark on mankind. There are those who have moved the masses, while others have mobilized the marketplace. Whether these leaders have served in the secular spheres of society or in the sacred arenas of the church, there are undeniable truths that bring them through the tough times and ultimately to fulfillment of their dreams. Only the visionary leader truly knows the pain, the price, and the pleasure of dreams becoming destinies.

An Ancient Truth Revealed to a Modern Generation!

 This message is not about ceremony.  It’s not about ritual.  It’s about unwrapping the gifts, the blessings your heavenly Father has stored up for you! 


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