Perfectly Unique

Perfectly Unique

by Annie F Downs and Annie F. Downs
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October 01, 2019
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STOP wishing your body was something it's not.
START embracing every part of you just as it was designed.

Your body is a sacred treasure, a worshipful instrument, and a unique masterpiece!

That's a pretty big deal.

But sometimes it feels confusing, awkward, and flawed.

The truth is: You and your body, all of it, are important and beautiful, designed especially by God with a specific plan and purpose.

Each chapter in Perfectly Unique focuses on a different part of your body and the potential it has for helping grow your faith. With wisdom and compassion, author Annie F. Downs will help you:

  • Stop being so hard on yourself
  • Stop wishing you were designed differently
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop criticizing the young woman you see in the mirror every day
  • START honoring yourself instead

Ultimately, Perfectly Unique will not only help you understand the reasons God made you the way you are, it will empower you to embrace and celebrate (YES, celebrate!) each and every part of you.

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