Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations 2016

Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizations 2016

by Michael I. Sanders
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December 12, 2016
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For-profit strategy for the nonprofit world

Joint Ventures Involving Tax-Exempt Organizationsprovides a detailed examination of the laws, rules, and regulationsgoverning partnerships and joint ventures, with an emphasis onmaintaining exempt status. This comprehensive guide has beencompletely revised and expanded to reflect the most recentlegislation, providing readers with a complete, single-volumereference including interpretation and practical guidance. Sampledocuments allow for easy quick reference, and give readers theopportunity to see how the new laws are applied in real-worldscenarios. Readers will learn how careful planning can engage thesupport of nonprofit and for-profit businesses without threateningan organization's tax-exempt status, and which joint ventures aremore likely to produce the desired results for their particularorganization.

Joint ventures, partnerships, and alliances, long accepted asgood business strategy in the for-profit world, are increasinglybeing adopted by nonprofits seeking creative means of financing inthese difficult economic times. This book is a guide to properlyplanning and structuring these ventures to the utmost benefit ofall entities involved, while maintaining compliance withtax-exemption qualifications.

  • Review the taxation of charitable organization, partnerships,and joint ventures
  • Discover which transactions are best suited to whichorganizations
  • Learn the different joint venture configurations available totax-exempt organizations, such as new market tax creditfinancing
  • Examine the debt restructuring and asset protection issues thatcan arise

Joint ventures are already working toward the benefit ofhospitals, research facilities, universities, charter schools, andlow-income housing developments, but careful planning and anappreciation of possible issues are required for successfulundertaking. Joint Ventures Involving Tax-ExemptOrganizations provides complete information and expertguidance, helping readers acquire the deep understanding criticalto these transactions.

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