Finding My Way Home

Finding My Way Home

by John Houston
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April 20, 2021
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John Houston has spent the past twenty years building for others what he didn't have for himself growing up: a family home. Today, John is one of Texas's premier custom home builders. You can't drive through the Dallas-Fort Worth area without seeing a dozen yard signs proudly presenting "John Houston Custom Homes." These signs and billboards paint a picture of the kind of home life John would have done anything to have as a child.

Left by his parents to practically raise himself from age eleven, John had to learn far too early how to survive on his own. With no adult supervision, this remarkable young man did the unthinkable: he built a huge business while in elementary school, supported himself financially, graduated high school, met and married the woman of his dreams, exceled in college, and pursued a life of faithful service to the Lord. Along the way, he built several multi-million-dollar businesses that have forever changed his family.

And he isn't confused for one second about who's ultimately responsible for his success: God.

In Finding My Way Home, John Houston reflects on a life of trials, hardships, and painful mistakes through the lens of gratitude for God's enduring faithfulness. He explains, "God created a story with my life that puts a spotlight on His mercy and grace--a story of my anger and His forgiveness; of the broken family I grew up in and His restoration; of my demanding 'leadership' as a husband and father and His model for me to lead with love."

After many years of searching, John found his way home--his true home. Now, he wants to help you do the same.


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