East Africa: An Introductory History

East Africa: An Introductory History

by Robert M. Maxon
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September 01, 2009
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In this third edition of East Africa: An Introductory History, Robert M. Maxon revisits the diverse eastern region of Africa, including the modern nations of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. With revised sections and a new preface, this comprehensive text surveys East Africa’s political, economic, and social history from pre-colonial to modern times. Maxon reveals the physical movement and societal development of and between ethnic groups before the 1890s; the capitalistic impact of European colonialism in the early nineteenth century; and the achievement and aftermath of independence in East Africa during the later part of this century.

East Africa: An Introductory History, 3rd and Revised Edition offers the student and scholar:

• the only revision of this title in over a decade

• a complete index and glossary of African terms that promote an effortless navigation of the complex history of this region

• over twenty maps and diagrams that provide visual depictions of the development of eastern Africa

• detailed geographical and topographical analysis that supplement the historical scope and investigation of this region

East Africa: An Introductory History documents the transformation of East Africa from the Stone Age to the first decade of the twenty-first century. The book is ideal for any reader interested in unraveling the intricate history of this East Africa, and especially for students coming to the study of this region for the first time.

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