Drama to Inspire: A London Drama Guide to Excellent Practice in Drama for Young People by Coventon, John (EDT)/ O'Neill, Cecily (FRW)

Drama to Inspire: A London Drama Guide to Excellent Practice in Drama for Young People by Coventon, John (EDT)/ O'Neill, Cecily (FRW)

by John Coventon Cecily O'Neill
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March 30, 2011
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Drama to Inspire is a timely selection of accounts of exciting drama practice in schools. It is written by fifteen workshop leaders and friends of the long established association for teachers of drama, London Drama, many of them internationally renowned for their work. Each piece affirms the immense potential for dynamic learning that is at the heart of drama. They illustrate how teachers can use inspiring drama to provide valuable reflective learning experience while at the same time fulfilling the essential requirements of the curriculum.

This book is especially valuable at a time when drama in our schools approaches crisis; when it is too often arid in conception and avoids creative risk, looking only to tick the right boxes. But this collection shows practical but adventurous ways to reverse this trend, and will encourage teachers to use their full range of skills when they deliver school drama. These are some of the gems in this book:

* the ethics and aesthetics of risk-taking in the drama room are explored by Andy Kempe and also by Stella Barnes
* Alistair Martin-Smith and Lucy Cuthbertson offer contrasting accounts of working with Shakespeare
* multi-disciplinary projects are explored by Adam Annand and others
* Daniel Shindler examines emotional and spiritual health in his project "Who am I: Roots/Routes"
* Stuart Bennett looks at the use of theatre companies and actors in the classroom
* Julia Potts shows the potential of good relationships between commercial theatre and schools
* Amanda Kipling identifies the skills drama teachers need today
* Dorothy Heathcote, Gaynor Pilbeam, Jonothan Neelands and others describe their current practice and philosophies through their ongoing projects

Drama to Inspire supports teachers of drama, celebrates the diversity of approaches and offers individual teachers a variety of ways forward. It is a must for all who care about what drama can do for school students.