A Billion Hours of Good: Changing the World 14 Minutes at a Time

A Billion Hours of Good: Changing the World 14 Minutes at a Time

by Chris Field
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June 08, 2021
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Real and lasting change comes more often in tablespoons than
in buckets.
A billion hours is equivalent to 114,000 years. That’s how much
good we’re going to do together. Just 14 minutes at a time.
You don’t need more money, or time, or even another election
cycle to bring transformational change to your community. What
you need is to believe that daily microdoses of good over years and
years can create a great return. Stop waiting for the big change
moment and seize the good that you can do today.
Join Chris in pledging 1 percent of your time (14 minutes a day)
to make the world a better place. Learn how to solve old problems
in new ways, and walk with Chris as he shows you how he started
Mercy Project—a nonprofit committed to ending child trafficking in
Ghana. See how compassion and care can serve as rocket fuel for
deep courage and untapped creativity.
Our responsibility in a world filled with suffering is to care,
show up, and act. Not once, not twice, but a little bit every
day for the rest of our lives. Accept this invitation and join
a global movement for extraordinary good. Impossible alone.
Transformational together.

“A Billion Hours of Good shares a brilliant roadmap to make our
biggest possible impact. A gripping and inspiring read that has
already made a profound difference in my life, Chris shows us
exactly how to make a difference while boosting results in our own
work and lives. Chris will move you to action, providing a simple
approach that each of us can embrace to help change the world.”
—Josh Linkner, #1 booked innovation speaker in the world,
two-time New York Times best-selling author, tech entrepreneur,
and venture capitalist

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