How to Buy Wholesale Bibles in Bulk

A Guide on How & Where to Buy Cases of Bibles at Wholesale Prices.
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Finding the right spot to buy wholesale Bibles in bulk or cases of Bibles at the cheapest cost can be challenging. Luckily, makes finding Bibles in bulk easy and promises the lowest price per unit available! 

We offer a huge selection of Bibles at deeply discounted prices, so you can save big when you buy in quantity. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $100, so it's easy to get the Bibles you need without spending a fortune.

Churches, Christian Schools, missionaries, and non-profit organizations love shopping with us because we make it so easy to get great discounts on cases of Bibles at the prices they need. And despite the surprisingly low prices, our Bibles are all brand new, never used, and perfect for selling or gifting.

In this article, we'll answer all your big questions, like where to buy wholesale Bibles in bulk, how to buy a case of Bibles, why you need to buy Bibles in bulk, what types of Bibles to order in bulk, and even FAQs.

Where to Buy Wholesale Bibles in Bulk.

We realize that shopping for Bibles in bulk can be daunting, especially with the countless websites offering a wide variety of prices, services, and selections. So how can you decide between, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bulk Bookstore, and Lifeway?

While it's true that each site has unique features and benefits, we believe that is the best source because of our unbeatable prices, vast selection, and emphasis on customer service! With thousands of organizational partners trusting our team to provide wholesale books for their memberships, churches, and ministry organizations, we have made it our mission to be the easiest and best spot to order cases of Bibles for any need you have!

Bibles in Bulk: Compare vs Amazon vs

Plus, our customers enjoy free shipping on orders over $100, a vast selection of Bibles, and up to 60% off retail pricing daily. It's an unbeatable package of benefits that our competitors just can't touch. | Buy Wholesale Bibles in Bulk Now!

How to Buy a Case of Bibles in Bulk: A 3-Step Guide.

Buying a case of Bibles in bulk has never been easier and more cost-effective! With, you can find the best prices on all your Bible needs, plus enjoy special benefits like free shipping, dedicated customer service, and payments made easy.

The process is simple:

1) Search for Bibles in Bulk on to find the perfect case for your unique needs.

2) Simply add your perfect bibles to the cart with a minimum of 25 units and checkout. Or you can chat, email, or call a Bulk Book specialist to assist.

3) Complete the easiest bulk book shopping experience and save up to 60% when you buy in bulk on!

Bibles in Bulk for Christian Outreach, Bible Studies, Gifting, and Church Pews.

Whether you're stocking up on Bibles for a Christian outreach program, outfitting pews at a church, or preparing for a Bible study class, is the perfect place to buy Bibles in bulk and make life easier!

Outreach Bibles in Bulk

Outreach Bibles allow people to share and spread God's word on a large scale. Churches and ministries can purchase Bibles in bulk to hand out to those who may not otherwise have access to a Bible of their own or to give away at outreach events, missions trips, and more. | Buy Outreach Bibles in Bulk Now!

Also, if you're in the market for outreach Bibles, be sure to read: How to Buy Outreach Bibles in Bulk!

Cases of Bibles for Church Pews

Not only will stocking your church with a case of Bibles make it easier and more cost-effective to do so, but there are also many benefits that come along with having Bibles available in each pew. Accessibility to God's word helps invigorate a community and reminds its members that God is always watching over them; having Bibles readily available in every pew won't just please parishioners; it'll bring everyone closer together in their spiritual connection to one another! | Order Church Pew Bibles in Bulk Now!

Restock Bibles in Bulk for Church Bookstores

Buying Bibles in bulk is good for church bookstores. It means they can get lots of Bibles at once and save money instead of buying them one at a time. That way, they can pass the savings on to their customers, so everyone gets a better deal. Plus, ordering Bibles in bulk reduces the number of re-orders your bookstore has to do each year. | Order Church Bookstore Bibles in Bulk Now!

Bibles in Bulk for Bible Studies

Buying cases of Bibles and other Christian literature in bulk can open a world of possibilities for Bible studies. Whether you're looking to equip a small Bible study group or a large children's ministry program, has something for everyone — from pocket-size devotionals to full-length commentaries — all at great case prices. | Order Bible Study Bibles in Bulk Now!

For more information on buying in bulk specifically for Bible studies, check out How to Buy Bibles in Bulk for Bible Studies.

Gifting Bibles

Planning church events can be tricky, especially when it comes to gifts. But you can give the gift of a Bible to all your church visitors, new members, and even every attendee of your special event without breaking the bank! offers many giftable Bibles for children and adults, new believers, and seasoned scholars. Just order a case of Bibles for your next event, and make sure you have plenty on hand for those special occasions. | Order Gift Bibles in Bulk Now! 

Get a step-by-step guide on how to find and order the perfect case of gift Bibles in this article: How to Buy Bibles in Bulk for Gifting!

What Types of Bibles to Order in Bulk?

Are you looking for a wide selection of Bible translations? has exactly what you need! We offer Bibles in all types of translations, ranging from King James and American Standard versions to Spanish and French. Whether you prefer large-print versions or cloth-bound editions (no matter the age range or reading level), you're sure to find something to meet all your needs in our vast collection.

Spanish Bibles in Bulk

Whether you're purchasing Spanish Bibles for an international mission trip, hosting a Bible study class in Spanish, or stocking your church library with more copies of the Scriptures,'s selection of wholesale Spanish Bibles can help. ¡Comience su compra hoy mismo! (Start your purchase today!) | Order Spanish Bibles in Bulk Now!

Children's Bibles in Bulk

Buying Children's Bibles in bulk is an easy, cost-effective way to provide religious education to an entire school, youth group, or family. With discounts for larger orders and free shipping, you can stock up on your favorite Bible editions for far less than you'd pay for each book individually! | Order Childrens Bibles in Bulk Now!

Youth Bibles in Bulk

At, we understand just how important it is that young people have access to the Bible — both for their spiritual life and out of respect for its cultural significance. That's why we make it easy to buy youth Bibles in bulk at wholesale prices! We like helping teachers and group leaders find exactly what they need easily, quickly, and cost-effectively because those same people will be the ones inspiring our younger generations with the lessons found within its pages. | Order Youth Bibles in Bulk Now!

KJV Bibles in Bulk

For those looking to buy King James Version (KJV) Bibles in bulk, offers a wide selection of high-quality KJV Bibles for churches and individuals alike. Our collection of wholesale KJV Bibles provides something for everyone - from pocket-size devotionals to full-length commentaries! Start your purchase today and save money while enriching the lives of others with God's Word! | Order KJV Bibles in Bulk Now!

NIV Bibles in Bulk

For churches looking to buy NIV Bibles in bulk, offers a great selection of high-quality NIV Bibles at wholesale prices. We make it easy and affordable for churches to stock up on enough copies of the Scriptures for everyone because you get more bang for your buck when buying NIV Bibles in bulk. | Order NIV Bibles in Bulk Now!

ESV Bibles in Bulk

For churches, non-profits, and ministries looking to buy ESV Bibles in bulk, is the perfect solution! Our extensive library offers many different ESV editions, from study Bibles to beginner Bibles and even pocket editions! Plus, they come at affordable prices with up to 60% off retail every day. | Order ESV Bibles in Bulk Now!

FAQs About Buying Bibles in Bulk

Where can I buy free Bibles in bulk?

Finding a place offering free Bibles in bulk can be quite challenging. Though there are some organizations that offer religious texts for free, these are typically limited to small numbers and are not suitable for bulk purchases. Luckily, has an amazing selection of Bibles at incredibly low prices — so low, in fact, that it's almost like getting them for free! 

Where can I buy cheap Bibles in bulk? is the best place to buy cheap Bibles in bulk for a number of reasons. Our amazing discounts make it possible to save up to 60% on your purchase, meaning that you don't have to compromise on quality when buying in bulk. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100. With our wide selection of different styles, sizes, and translations, you're sure to find the right Bible at the right price — all while enjoying great savings! | Buy Cheap Bibles in Bulk Now!

Where can I buy cases of discount Bibles? is the premier online destination for buying great quality Bibles in bulk at discount prices. We offer discounts of up to 60% off retail prices on thousands of Bibles and free shipping on orders over $100. Our commitment to quality and low costs makes us the best source for bulk purchases of discount Bibles. | Buy Cases of Bibles in Bulk Now!

A Last Note on Bulk Buying Bibles by the Case...

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in your Bulk Bible buying endeavors! With tips on the best place to purchase Bibles in bulk and suggestions on the different types of Bibles you can buy, you now know exactly how to fulfill all your church’s needs while saving money.

Whether it is for gifting, outreach, or simply restocking your church store with glimmering new Bibles, buying in bulk is a great way to not just save cash but also give more people access to God’s word.

And don’t forget: if you have any more questions about ordering books and Bibles for your church or ministry, has a dedicated customer service team ready to answer any of those inquiries. So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to get started stocking up on the most important book ever written at discounted prices, start your order on today!

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