A Guide to The Best Business Books of All Time

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Great leaders are voracious readers, and successful entrepreneurs rarely pass up a good opportunity to learn new skills and improve their mindset. In fact, new research suggests that even reading fiction books might increase the odds of business success, by improving emotional intelligence. 

Devouring the right information cultivates a growth mindset, and transforms leadership styles. Fortunately, billionaire business owners aren’t shy about talking about their favorite books. Here are some all-time best business books that reveal great entrepreneurial secrets:

  • The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Every business is about buying and selling. Having a super product in the market is not enough. Marketing the product is the crucial thing. Brian Tracy provides essential and thorough information on how to increase sales by focusing on the customer.

  • The Innovators' Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

This book is another must-read for entrepreneurs. It's an exciting book that explains the need to embrace disruptive innovation. Clayton brings this across by arguing that it is much costlier to ignore potential disruption. He brings about this argument to educate companies that fear embracing this disruptive technology since they think it might keep their customers away, which undermines their core business.

  • The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson

There are many myths and philosophies about business.  Johnson overrides these by talking about how a mindset can affect one's dreams and decision-making. For sure, as a person thinks, so he is. Entrepreneurs whose attitudes are pessimistic are doomed to fail in business. 

  • Big Business by Tyler Cowen

Cowen, an economist, is a renowned writer who has written brilliant and positive books about business. He claims that the biggest problem with business people, is that they don't love business enough. In his book, he brings forth a rigid defense of corporations and their role in a productive, progressive and successful business world. 

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen

Setting priorities is vital as far as success in business is concerned. In the past years, this book has been termed as the most known productivity book. Allen puts forth how to create systems for exploring ideas and doing the right things at the right time. This idea helps entrepreneurs to focus on the most urgent matters before attending to the rest.

Having a successful business is not about being self-reliant. It's about following in the footsteps of those that are ahead of you, and business books play a vital role in the lives of entrepreneurs.

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